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Dry Pot, or GānGuō (干锅), is the ultimate ALL THE FLAVORS ALL THE TIME dish of Chengdu. The crispy fried goodness hits you in the face with a spicy, tingling punch. It is packed with potatoes (basically french fries), veggies, and all the spices you can think of and your choice of meat(s).  This can range from frog legs, brisket beef, duck tongues, or chicken breast.

Dry pot shares many of the same base ingredients as a traditional Sichuan hot pot-douban, fermented soybeans, ginger, garlic, chili oil, and a liberal dose of chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns. It is fried on high heat though, without soup, and comes out crispy, spicy, and aromatic with a deep flavor you can smell coming all the way from the kitchen. Come and try our Dry Pot. Warning: It's hot!

Our Story

Michael Ma

Our Story

Yum Yum Spice is very much your neighborhood restaurant in Denver. We strive to bring the rich and spicy Szechuan Cusine to you. Chef Ma, with over 20+ years of restaurant experience, is looking to showcase the authentic taste of Chinese Cusine. Best Chinese Food for take out!

Best Chinese Food in Denver


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  Yum Yum Spice

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